Wraps aren't just about cosmetic or aesthetic changes, they can also protect an already adored paint job. Clear Protect Films have been around for a while, but if they are done correctly, you would barely know they are there.  By applying the thick PPF (Paint Protection Film) to your car, you are prolonging the paint's life by protecting it from the rocks and road debris that threaten to mar it's luxurious surface.  PPF can be applied to as small an area as the front bumper to as large an area as the entire car.  The most popular packages are what we call the Full Front Clip and the Half Clip.  The half clip covers your Front Bumper, the Front Portion of the hood, and Front Portion of the Fenders.  The Full Front Clip typically covers the Full Front Bumper, Full Hood, Full Front Fenders and Mirrors.  The appeal of the Full Front Clip is there are very few lines visible and less lines to collect dirt or catch your rag while washing.  Pricing can vary from car to car, so come in today to set up an appointment.